Leukemia Program at Northside Hospital


NH-Leukemia Program FACT’s:

  • Committed to providing comprehensive patient centered care in a compassionate setting.
  • Provides leukemia patients with innovative clinical research trials, outstanding clinical care, and a wide range of services including education, and emotional/psychological support.
  • Highly trained, experienced, and dedicated Team
  • Diagnose and treat over 160 new leukemia/hematological malignancy patients each year.

The Leukemia Program at Northside Hospital, (NH-Leukemia Program) provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art clinical and research related services for adult patients diagnosed with acute and chronic leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, lymphomas, myeloma, and other blood-related malignancies.

For some patients with leukemia, or other blood cancers, a blood or marrow transplant may be part of the recommended treatment plan. We provide a seamless transition to our nationally recognized Blood and Marrow Transplant Program.

Care of the leukemia patient can be complex and requires specialized care and support services. Our interdisciplinary team members meet weekly to review and discuss each patient’s treatment plan. Other specialists, including a dedicated health physiologist and social worker, provide psychosocial support to both patients and their caregivers. These healthcare professionals work together to provide a full spectrum of supportive care.

NH-Leukemia Program Physicians and Leukemia RN Clinical Coordinators

Dr. Lawrence Morris. Northside’s Leukemia Program Medical Director from Northside Hospital on Vimeo.

NH-Leukemia Program: Why refer early to NH-BMT?

  • Diagnostic Testing: Extensive diagnostic testing identifies which patients will most likely benefit from a blood or marrow transplant.
    • Follows ASBMT and ASH Guidelines on Recommended Timing for Transplant Consultation, www.ASBMT.org.
  • Early Donor Identification: Family HLA typing initiated early in the treatment phase allows early blood or marrow donor identification.
  • Blood and Marrow Transplant: Seamless integration to the NH-BMT program.
    • Leukemia and BMT coordinators work collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition to the NH BMT program.
    • NH-BMT program is the only adult BMT Program in Georgia to achieve survival outcomes that significantly exceeded the expected survival rate for allogeneic transplants for the last 13 consecutive reporting cycles (2009-2021).1,2

1. For the thirteenth consecutive year (2009-2021) NH-BMT achieved survival outcomes that significantly exceeded the expected range as reported in the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research Final 2021 Transplant Center Specific Survival Report, December 2021 and from reported outcome data from Be The Match®.
2. There were 173 adult and pediatric transplant centers included in the analysis. This survival information includes only patients who received their first allogeneic transplant between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2019 using unrelated or related donors and who had reported follow-up. Specific transplant center information can be found at bethematch.org