Mobilization and collection of blood/marrow stem cells

Autologous patients and Allogeneic donors will be required to have their marrow or blood stem cells mobilized. Mobilization is where large quantities of stem cells are pooled in the bone marrow or blood, and collected via the vein or hip bones.

  • In order for mobilization to occur, you will be given an injection of a growth factor, a medicine to help increase the production of stem cells, for 4 days prior to the collection of stem cells. Please review Growth Factor Education.
  • Some autologous patients, depending on age and disease, may require both chemotherapy and growth factors to help mobilize stem cells.
  • A central venous catheter is usually placed in the chest to collect the mobilized stem cells (PBSC collections). The catheter can also be used for drawing blood, and administering chemotherapy or various medications. Please review Four C Rules for Central Line Home Care, Managing Your Tunneled Catheter and PBSC Collection Education.

Atlanta Blood Services’ Apheresis Team