Team Approach

The NSH Leukemia Program conducts an interdisciplinary weekly meeting to review treatment plans and response to treatment for all new and current patients. This innovative meeting uses an interactive approach where hematopathologists, clinical pathologists, leukemia physicians, flow cytometry/molecular diagnostics PhDs/ laboratories, advanced practice providers, health psychologist, nurses and ancillary support staff complete an in-depth review of each patient. Each patient’s case is reviewed and discussed in an interdisciplinary approach to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to maximize outcomes.

Leukemia Patients- Why Refer Early to NSH-BMT?:

  • Early donor identification
  • Coordinator’s office organizes all family HLA typing
  • Seamless integration with NSH-BMT Program
  • NSH-BMT Survival consistently amongst the highest in the United States

Early Access to the BMT Program

One of the many benefits of being cared for by the NSH Leukemia Program is the early access to the NSH-BMT Program. Our clinical team works seamlessly to ensure patients can be offered a transplant at the earliest possible time frame in order to obtain the best survival outcomes. NSH Leukemia Program is one of only a few programs in the United States where the leukemia and bone marrow transplant programs are fully integrated providing state-of-the-art care with compassion and excellence.

Because of this integration, survival outcomes are one of the highest in the United States. The NMDP and ASBMT give guidance on when to refer a patient for transplant: and– Guidelines, Policy Statements & Reviews-Guidelines on Recommended Timing for Transplant Consultation.