Preparative Chemotherapy Regimen

After enough blood/marrow stem cells are collected from the autologous patient/ allogeneic donor and prior to the blood/marrow stem cell infusion, you will receive a preparative (combination chemotherapy) regimen for 1-8 days to kill cancer cells in your body. The preparative regimen will destroy your bone marrow (where blood cells are produced) and will make ‘space’ for the healthy/normal blood/bone marrow cells collected from the bone marrow harvest or stem cell collection to grow into healthy blood cells.

The preparative chemotherapy regimen causes blood counts to be reduced for several days. This is referred to as the ‘neutropenic’ period, during which the patient is highly susceptible to infections and must be monitored closely. You will be asked to follow a special diet. Please refer to Food Safety Diet Guidelines for Immunosuppressed Patients and Diet Guidelines for Immunosuppressed Patients during this time and for the length of time you are here under our care. Please also refer to A Patient Guide.