Post BMT Discharge Instructions

Autologous patients will be followed in the outpatient facility for approximately 50 days post transplant and allogeneic patients will be followed for at least 100 days post transplant. Please refer to Discharge Patient Information-Autologous and Patient Information- Allogenic for more information.

  • Clinic visits will last from 4-8 hours depending on your specific needs.
  • The Clinic is open from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. seven days a week.
  • Laboratory tests, blood/platelet transfusions, intravenous medications and radiology studies will most likely be required.

Once your BMT physician feels you are ready to be discharged back home, your physician/team will coordinate your care back to your referring physician. Please refer to Post BMT Follow up Evaluation.

National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP): Post transplant mobile App is now available.

To help physicians with the reference materials they need to care for transplant patients, the NMDP has developed an app with leading transplant organizations to help increase survival rates by outlining:

  • Times to refer patients for consultation when transplant will be most effective
  • How to recognize post-transplant complications early when therapeutic options are more effective

The partnership between the referring physician and transplant center has been integral in improved survival outcomes.

The Free Mobile App includes the following:

  • Transplant consultation timing and outcomes data
  • Customizable lists of test and procedures
  • Vaccination schedule
  • Signs/symptoms of chronic GVHD by area of body
  • Patient friendly long-term screening guidelines

Please visit for more information.