The NSH-BMT and Leukemia Programs are committed to publishing in the field of blood and marrow transplantation, Leukemia and hematologic malignancies. The following publications/presentations demonstrate this commitment. Society Oral Presentations/Posters: ASH 2018 Oral Presentations: Solomon S, Aubrey M, Anobile C, Zhang X, Freed B, Morris LE, Holland HK, Solh M, Bashey A.  Class II epitope […]


Margaret Marcinkowski: NSH BMT/Leukemia Patient                 Diagnosis: While I was in the hospital for my induction treatment, my three siblings were tested to see if they would be a positive bone marrow match in the event I was able to have a bone marrow transplant. A transplant was […]

Scott Solomon, M.D.

<<Back To Our Physicians Scott Solomon, M.D., is board certified in the subspecialties of medical oncology and hematology. He is Medical Director of the Northside Hospital Blood and Marrow Transplant Matched Unrelated Donor Program and Medical Director of the Northside Hospital Stem Cell Processing Laboratory. Dr. Solomon is also a Northside Hospital Leukemia Program physician. […]

Transplant Procedure

What are the post-transplant complications for allogeneic patients? At risk for infections for a longer period of time than patients undergoing autologous transplantation More susceptible to immune complications such as graft versus-host disease (GVHD) and rejection of the graft. Requires combination medications to prevent infection and GVHD. Once the preparative regimen is completed, blood/marrow stem […]

Interdisciplinary Team

The Northside Hospital Blood and Marrow Transplant, Leukemia and Immunotherapy programs’ team members are highly educated and trained in blood and marrow transplantation, leukemia and immunotherapy care. These dedicated health care professionals provide outstanding patient care where the patient is the center of the treatment pyramid.